Vana Mahotsavam

“Vana Mahotsavam” refers to an event whereby saplings of trees are planted and the younger generations get to learn about the importance of preserving nature. Similarly, this dance drama is a celebration of the beauty of nature as well as a reminder of the need for us to be environmentally friendly, to respect life and to maintain ecological balance in the world.


The dance drama begins with a portrayal of the forest in all its glory. As the Sun shines its golden rays on earth, animals come out of their slumber. Peacocks spread their feathers and dance in ecstasy, while the deer quench their thirst by the grungling stream. Mother elephant teaches its calf the etiquette of finding food and the preciousness of water. Everything in the jungle seems to be in harmony, until men come with their axes…


Choreographer : Jayashree Narayanan

Sreemathi Jayashree began her career in dance with a graduation from the world-famous Kalakshetra dance school in India and she has since became head of department at Pondicherry University.