Pondicherry – Indochine Connection

12 – 18 February 2018
10 AM – 9 PM, daily
Kusum’s Home, 7 Rue de la Caserne

During the colonial period (1870-1954), almost 3000 French Indians lived in Indochina and were an active part of the social and cultural life. Over the years, descendants of many of these families have either returned to Pondicherry or Karaikal, moved to parts of the French mainland or have continued to live in Vietnam. Shubham Biswas, the historian at INTACH Pondicherry who is curating the exhibition, says:

The most exciting aspect of this project has been talking to members of the families living in Pondicherry who had such intrinsic connections with Indochina, and listening to them recall memories from their childhood. Several of them have since returned to these places later in their lives and have, in a way, gotten a glimpse into a time gone by.

In conjunction with this historical and cultural exhibition, we are organizing a series of special events focused on the Pondicherry – Indochine relationship:
Exhibition Opening Celebration:  Join us for the grand opening of the exhibition.
12 February  |  at the exhibition venue, 7 Rue de la Caserne  |  16:00
Panel Discussion:  On the occasion of the Vietnamese New Year (16th February) a public talk will be held with local historians and members of the Pondicherry-Indochina community, in the presence of other dignitaries. It will be moderated by Nicolas Bautes, Social Sciences Researcher at the IFP and will deal with issues surrounding the lost fragments of colonial connections and their relevance in the heritage of Pondicherry today.
16 February  |  at the exhibition venue, 7 Rue de la Caserne
Vietnamese Food Festival:  A special Vietnamese menu will be served at Hotel  Le Dupleix and The Promenade, based on recipes from the Imperial City of Huế. Located in central Vietnam, Huế was the home of the Nguyen dynasty emperors, and was the nation’s capital until 1945.  From that royal tradition, Huế boasts of a rich and diverse food culture. The city claims several distinctive dishes — from small and delicate creations originally designed to please the appetites of feudal lords, emperors (and their hundreds of wives) like Bánh Xèo and Grilled Lemongrass Chicken Satays — to lusty, fiery street-food.

10 – 18 February  | Lunch at  Le Dupleix, 5 Rue Caserne  | Dinner at The Promenade,  23 Goubert Avenue

Open Houses: Several of Pondicherry’s Indo-Vietnamese families will open their homes with recreations of the decor of Indian domestic life in Indochina, for a public for a guided tour.

 12 – 18 February  |  169 Lal Bahadur Shastri (Bussy) Street  |  9:00 to 13:00 and 15:00 to 19:00 Daily

12 – 18 February  |  75 Rue Cazy  |   15:00 to 17:00 Daily