Kuchipudi and Bharatanatyam Performance by Nandhini & Company


It is about Lord Rama. Lord Rama and avatar are the incarnation of Lord Vishnu was a man of great qualities. In this item we present a story of Rama about his life, during his time when he is wondering in the forest, Rama the son of Dhasaradha wondered in the forest for 14 years. After chasing the Magic Deer, Sita was kidnapped by Ravana in his search for Sita, Rama meets and hear thee voice of Jatayu, he then follows Ravan’s path. Rama then goes to Sugreeva the banished monkey hidding behind a tree kills Vaali, Sugreeva’s brother as requested by Sugreeva. In return Sugreeva’s strong support Hanuman helps Rama find Sita, the varanas or monkeys helped in building the bridge to Lanka which Rama crosses to battle the 10 headed Ravana. Ravana’s brother Vibishana chanting Hari’s name leaves his brother come to Rama’s side. After killing Ravana, Rama instous Vibishana as king. He, Sita and Lakshmana returns to Ayodhya. This item carries Abinayam and Nirithyam.

RAGAM: MOHANAM                  JALAM: ADHI


The name of a play theatrical genre found throughout Indian state of Andhra Pradhesh, Bhama is a shortening of Sathyabhama, the beautiful but jealous wife of Lord Krishna and Kalapam means “dialogue or arguement”. Although Bhamakalapam features the full range feminine dancing movements or lasya. Here comes the Heroine as Sathyabama to describe the love, affection and devotion towards Lord Krishna.


This is going to be performed by Ms. Nandhini Jeevanandham